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Boost Your Winter Wellness Series

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Boost Your Winter Wellness Series
Weekly Nutrition Workshop, Yoga & Meditation

There has never been a better time to invest in your health with the power of nutrition, movement and mindfulness. Have you been looking for motivation to eat better? Move your body? Make the time for self care? The stress of the pandemic is weighing heavy on all of us and the best way to support your body and mind right now is with nourishing foods, daily movement and mindfulness practices. Whether you are looking to kick off new healthy habits, want to learn more about eating for health, or just need some support and motivation – these workshops will inspire you to be the healthiest you can be.

Each weekly series includes (all times PST) :

  • 75 Minute Interactive Holistic Health Workshop (Sunday 10am – 11:30am)
  • 30 Minute Yoga Class (Monday 5:30pm)
  • 10 Minute Guided Meditation (Wednesday 7:30 am)

Weekly Topics:

  • Week 1: Eating for Health – Nutrition Basics – January 24
  • Week 2: Eating for Digestive Health – January 31st
  • Week 3: Eating for Happiness & Managing Stress – January 7th

All sessions will be held over Zoom. Replays are yours to keep! Attend sessions live or catch the replay if you miss them. Each week is only $49 dollars and comes with a workbook, meal plan, recipes, and a yoga and meditation class. Sessions can be joined individually or join them all for only $130 when you commit and pay in full by January 22nd.

Get ready to boost your immunity, have more energy, support a balanced mood, sleep better, improve your digestion and maintain a healthy weight. Each session will include a workbook with nutritional and lifestyle guidelines, meal plans, recipes, and easy to incorporate health tips. You’ll also receive a bonus yoga and meditation class each week because your health is not only what you put in your body, but also what you put in your mind.

Commit to kicking off the year right by recommitting to your health and wellness. The intention of this series is to give you support, inspiration and knowledge to help you up level your health and easy to incorporate tools you can start implementing right away. We will be building out weekly meal plans and commitments to help you incorporate what you learn.

To sign up email Alisha at [email protected]. I have a few slots open for sliding scale for those in need.

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