Rise & Thrive Wellness Collective

Welcome to Rise & Thrive Wellness Collective for Work-Life Jugglers!

Are you a professional striving to balance the demands of your career with the pursuit of a more fulfilling and health promoting life outside of work?

Do you find yourself often feeling stressed, overwhelmed and uninspired, juggling family, work, self care, and mental health?

Join ‘Rise and Thrive’, where together we’ll focus on the tools needed to manage stress, maintain a healthy weight, boost our energy, nurture our mental health, and find daily movement we enjoy. Together, we’ll create a supportive space for you to connect with like-minded individuals on this transformative journey to wake up every day ready to Rise and Thrive!

About Me, Your Guide and Facilitator

I’m a full-time marketing executive, mother and wife who understands the challenges of balancing a demanding career with a healthy, fulfilling life outside of work. With over 15 years of mindfulness study and certifications in Holistic Health and Yoga Teaching, I value the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. My passion is to help individuals thrive in both their health and work. Together, we will work on realigning, managing stress, setting health goals, and achieving our full potential in both personal and professional life.

What This Group Offers You

  • Monthly Wellness Check-Ins: Align your intentions with the energy of the new moon. Each month, we virtually gather to focus on mind-body health and personal growth.
  • Expert-Led Discussions: Gain insights into wellness, nutrition, and holistic health.
  • Connection and Support: Interact with a community that understands your unique challenges and aspirations.
  • Inspiration and Accountability: Set and track wellness goals, share progress, and motivate each other to succeed.
  • A Safe Space: Feel free to express concerns, seek advice, and explore your potential without judgment.

Our sessions are open to all, welcoming participants at every stage of their wellness journey. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to deepen your understanding, the Rise and Thrive Wellness Collective is here for you.


Sessions are FREE!

Ready to Rise & Thrive?

Take the first step toward balance and well-being. Join the Rise and Thrive Wellness Collective and begin your journey from burnout to bliss, from stress to self-care, and from feeling overwhelmed to thriving.

Sign up now, and let’s rise and thrive together!

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