Yoga Classes

I hold public yoga classes a few times a week in Santa Cruz, California. Please check my yoga offerings for my current class schedule.

1:1 Yoga

For those more comfortable in a private setting, I offer one-on-one yoga sessions with clients in their space of choice. Learn more about my yoga offerings.

Health Coaching

Struggling with your health and feeling overwhelmed about making diet & lifestyle changes? Work with me — a holistic health coach — and get the support you need to help reach your health goals.

Online Resources

A big part of making changes that stick is staying educated about your health. Dig into my resources for information on holistic health, recipes, fitness, supplements, and lifestyle inspiration

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Topics covered include Fitness, Holistic Health, Lifestyle & Food, and Supplements.


I participated in Alisha’s Health is Wealth program last year and it was the BEST! She is such a kind and positive person. Not only did she offer a plethora of information every week, but she genuinely cared about our health! She reached out to me for a one-on-one session after she found out that I was dealing with gut issues and went the extra mile for me and my health. I learned so many great tips about ways to think differently about food. I highly recommend working with Alisha.

– Natalie

I love Alisha’s Wednesday class! I look forward to it every week. The flow is fast paced, but focused on form. I really appreciate how she shows how to grow the postures and where your practice can take you. Amazing!

– Ashley

Back in August I came to Alisha with anxiety, depression and very low energy. I have been experiencing this for years off and on and it was at it’s peak. Throughout the 6 weeks that I worked with Alisha, she guided me and taught me essential tools to keep my mood up and my energy constant. By the time we were done I was a completely different person. I have added foods to my “diet” that I can’t stay away from because they are so good that I feel the difference, and have created a supplement regimen which I didn’t have before working with her. I now have the tools to turn to when I start to veer off track. This happened recently, and in just one week of utilizing what I learned I’m feeling back on track, positive and energetic. Thank you Alisha! She is patient and guides you on your own pace. The accountability makes a world of difference!

– Cindy

Alisha is knowledgeable, empathetic and helpful. Love her and highly recommend!

– Jamie