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Seaweed- The most nutritious food on earth!

Seaweed, or sea-vegetables, are amongst the healthiest and most nutrient-dense foods on Earth. They are the only plant that offers you all 56 minerals and trace elements your body needs to function. This low calorie, high fiber food comes in many forms, tastes great and is easy to incorporate into many dishes. To reap the benefits aim to eat 1 to 2 meals a week with seaweed. Because it contains iodine, overeating can lead to adverse effects. When shopping for seaweed check out your local asian grocery store which will have the best deals and widest variety. And remember, always source fresh organic seaweed and research seaweed supplements.

Popular Types of Edible Seaweed

  • Spirulina: deep sea green algae. Contains more protein than any food on Earth. Good source of chlorophyll, protein, B vitamins, Vitamin E & K, copper, iron, sodium, manganese, magnesium, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, omega 3 & 6.
  • Kombu: a brown seaweed that supports digestion, controls metabolism and production of thyroid hormones.
  • Dulse: a green/slightly purple seaweed. Offers a mild and salty taste to dishes. You can use it in soups, stews, on salads and in dressings.
  • Nori: offers 28% protein and as much vitamin C as an orange. Most commonly known for its use in sushi rolls. You can snack on it by itself or make your own sushi rolls at home.
  • Kelp: a green seaweed that is high in calcium, magnesium, fiber, iodine. Eating kelp has been linked to fat reduction and better digestion. Kelp is available in flake and noodle form.
  • Hijiki: a brown sea vegetable that contains 14 times the calcium of milk and is rich in fiber. It should be soaked before you eat it or place in soups and stews to naturally soften it.
  • Wakame: this dark blue/black seaweed is rich in protein, magnesium, chlorophyll, iron, calcium and zinc. Each 100 grams of contains 150 milligrams of calcium. Helps to prevent bloating.

Why you should eat seaweed

  • Supports thyroid & liver.
  • Flushes out pollutants, heavy metals & radiation.
  • Increases hair & nail growth, clears the skin & enhances eyesight.
  • Reduces anxiety & enhances mental focus.
  • Anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory.
  • Stabilizes blood sugar, prevents overeating, reduces fat absorption & prevents sugar cravings.
  • Improves libido & increases energy.
  • Digestive support. A natural diuretic & reduces bloating.

What seaweed offers your body

  • Protein: from 20% in green algae to 70% in spirulina
  • Minerals: iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, calcium, iodine, nickel, bromine, chromium, copper, zinc, nitrogen, boron & sulfur
  • Vitamins: A, C, E & B’s
  • Fiber: Low in fat and high in fiber
  • Chlorophyll (detoxes body)
  • Antioxidants
  • Essential fatty acids: Omega 3’s

How to get your daily dose

  • Sprinkle dulse flakes on salads for a salty twist
  • Add kombu or wakame to soup
  • Nori Rolls
  • Seaweed Salad
  • Add spirulina to smoothies or take in pill form
  • Cook with kelp noodles
  • Add to salad dressings
  • Make sushi bowls with nori
  • Add to stir fry’s

Seaweed- The most nutritious food on earth! (Download Handout)


Seaweed- The most nutritious food on earth!

Alisha Slaughter

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