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Journey to handstand

Handstands everyday. Obsessed.

Grab yo kids, grab yo friends. Everyone can do it!

Some great resources to help you find your handstand practice:

Things that have helped me, have been to stick a piece of lint (or the part of your mat that came off during class) at a point in front of my eyes (triangle shape from hands, in front of me) to stare at when I kick up. Also, when I kick up I keep one leg behind my head (very straight and foot flexed, tilt pelvis forward when you feel stable) while I bring the other up foot and slowly find my balance. It gives you a minute to find your center of balance. Then slowly come into the pose.

To be totally honest, I didn’t hold many of these for very long. My hold is getting better, but the pictures make me look so fancy!

Tell me, what is your trick?

Alisha Slaughter

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